Sunday, June 12, 2011

Visual Poet Honors Mr. Charley Pride; Country Singer and Negro League Baseball Player

Today, I pay the utmost respect to Mr. Charley Pride, a fellow Mississippian, Country Singer and Negro League Baseball Player.  Mr. Charley Pride was born in Sledge, Mississippi and I was born in Natchez, Mississippi.  Mr. Charley Pride has been one of my role models and I have absolutely enjoyed his music since I was a teenager.  During my difficult teenage years in Natchez, Mississippi, Mr. Charley Pride’s soothing country music was therapeutic.  I recall how each school day started with Mr. Charley Pride’s soothing baritone voice.  Yes, Mr. Charley Pride’s smooth country tunes has set the tone and got me thru many a challenging day.    

Recently, while focusing on the Negro League Baseball players; I learned that Mr. Charley Pride played for the Memphis Red Sox, New York Black Yankees, Louisville Clippers and the Birmingham Black Barons.  I am thrilled to know that Mr. Charley Pride; one of my favorite country singers was also one of the fabulous Negro League Baseball players.  So, my poem and visual poetry Players of Valor, the Negro League Baseball honors all the Negro League Baseball players, including Mr. Charley Pride.  Now, I must make every effort to have Mr. Charley Pride autograph my bat; since he was not present in Secaucus, New Jersey when I obtained autographs from countless Negro League Baseball players and Lionel Hampton. 

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  1. Hello,

    I am doing some research on literature and Negro league Baseball and I keep coming across your "visual poem" Players of Valor, the Negro League Baseball but I can't seem to find the actual poem in any link, site or blog? Can you direct me to where I might see it? Thank you for your assistance.

    Chris Juhl,