Monday, May 2, 2011

Visual Poet Celebrates Mother’s Day Birthday, May 8, 2011; Kick Start Visual Poetry Tours

Believe it, I was a Mother’s Day baby; born on a spring afternoon in Natchez, Mississippi.  Over the years, my birthday was lost in many a Mother’s Day remembrances and celebrations.  But, this year; I will celebrate my Mother’s Day birthday with elegant fanfare and reflection.  As I approach this momentous Mother’s Day birthday; I am appreciative of individuals who have positively influenced the aspects of my life and visual poetry.

This Mother’s Day birthday signifies the era of the Determined Visual Poet.  For, I believe the time has come to offer Americans an up close and personal view of a Visual Poets’ passionate expression of reality.  Therefore, plans are underway to schedule national tours of Reality, Per Se; An Exhibition of Visual Poetry.  In light of our current economic woes; the Visual Poetry Exhibition tours are intended to uplift and enlighten Americans.    

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