Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visual Poet Honors Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings

Today, my poem and visual poetry, Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings honors eight, exceptional Natchez, Mississippi Baby Boomer siblings; Vivian Bright, Dr. James Henry Young, Jr., Bernice Tolbert, Theron Eagleton, Lonnie Lee Young, Deborah Ann Young, Dr. Devell Ray Young and Glenda Faye Young.  After the death of their mother, the Boomer siblings; all under age thirteen, were forced to adapt to harsh realities.  With a father who was employed full-time; the Boomers were often required to rely upon their faith, creativity, humor and rare confidence. 

After many years of battling adversities, the Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings graduated from high school, universities, medical school and successfully served in the United States Military.  Regardless of a painfully difficult childhood; the Boomer Siblings’ determination was instrumental in developing productive lives; Army Command Sergeant Major, Cardiologist, Inhalation Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Doctor of Internal Medicine and Air Force Service member.

The Natchez Boomer Siblings; that incredible eight
Born with dynamic God-given talents; to accentuate
It was reliance upon wit, trial and error; no matter the plight
Believe it; creativity propelled problem-solving and ignited insight
And, true faith in God; always reigned; clean, out right
For years, never-ending struggles set the stage for each Boomers journey
Many lessons were learned about life's ups, downs and harsh reality
The valiant Boomers forged careers and a survival tool
Anchored with morals, intelligence and resilience; ever so, cool
Yes, Boomers; you devised lives with a distinctive regime
The Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings with notable, self-esteem
Thus, a Bust on Stand; eternally honors your tenacity, as supreme

Excerpt from Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings
Copyright Deborah Young

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