Thursday, February 10, 2011

Visual Poet Honors A Black History Legend; Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired)

This Black History Month 2011; Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired) is recognized as one of  the many military, baby boomer and African American legends.  CSM Bright proudly served in the United States Army for 27 years.  Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired) was the first African American female Master Sergeant, 1st Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserve 75th MAC; Maneuver Area Command.  CSM Bright, along with other service members; played a vital part in the 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom Campaign.  CSM Bright is also the oldest of the Natchez Eight Baby Boomer Siblings.  Just as all of the Natchez Eight Baby Boomer Siblings; CSM Bright has consistently and effectively tackled all of life’s’ challenges with rare confidence.  CSM Bright is indeed one of the many extraordinary military service members who deserve recognition and the utmost appreciation.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Visual Poet Honors Dr. James H. Young Jr.; American Heart Month, Heart Healthy Chef

American Heart Month reminds us that cardiovascular diseases are America’s No. 1 killer.  Dr. James H. Young, Jr. is taking a stand and making a difference.  Dr. Young is a cardiologist, one of the Natchez Eight Baby Boomer Siblings who consistently educates his patients to prevent and combat heart disease.  During the last several years, Dr. Young has developed a passion for creating heart healthy cuisine.  Dr. Young certainly has the recipe for anyone who is interested in living a healthier, heart healthy, lifestyle.  If you ask me, the cardiologist Dr. James H. Young, Jr. is the best person to talk about heart healthy cooking.  For, Dr. Young is the doctor with a heart and is committed to improve and protect the hearts of all his patients.