Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visual Poet Honors Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings

Today, my poem and visual poetry, Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings honors eight, exceptional Natchez, Mississippi Baby Boomer siblings; Vivian Bright, Dr. James Henry Young, Jr., Bernice Tolbert, Theron Eagleton, Lonnie Lee Young, Deborah Ann Young, Dr. Devell Ray Young and Glenda Faye Young.  After the death of their mother, the Boomer siblings; all under age thirteen, were forced to adapt to harsh realities.  With a father who was employed full-time; the Boomers were often required to rely upon their faith, creativity, humor and rare confidence. 

After many years of battling adversities, the Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings graduated from high school, universities, medical school and successfully served in the United States Military.  Regardless of a painfully difficult childhood; the Boomer Siblings’ determination was instrumental in developing productive lives; Army Command Sergeant Major, Cardiologist, Inhalation Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Doctor of Internal Medicine and Air Force Service member.

The Natchez Boomer Siblings; that incredible eight
Born with dynamic God-given talents; to accentuate
It was reliance upon wit, trial and error; no matter the plight
Believe it; creativity propelled problem-solving and ignited insight
And, true faith in God; always reigned; clean, out right
For years, never-ending struggles set the stage for each Boomers journey
Many lessons were learned about life's ups, downs and harsh reality
The valiant Boomers forged careers and a survival tool
Anchored with morals, intelligence and resilience; ever so, cool
Yes, Boomers; you devised lives with a distinctive regime
The Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings with notable, self-esteem
Thus, a Bust on Stand; eternally honors your tenacity, as supreme

Excerpt from Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings
Copyright Deborah Young

Monday, May 23, 2011

Visual Poet Disappointed in Oprah Winfrey Last Shows

As Oprah Winfrey prepares to air her last show; I am overwhelmed with disappointment.  Many have stated the show has enhanced their life.  I just believe the show could have made a difference in the lives of the Negro Leagues players.  Over the decades, I wrote the Oprah Winfrey Show and requested that Oprah plan a special show to honor the players of the Negro Leagues.  I thought the Oprah Winfrey Show was the best venue to bestow the befitting honor; since many of Negro League players were growing older and Oprah Winfrey appeared eager to recognize accomplishments of individuals.  While I waited for a response (that never came); one by one, many of the Negro Leagues players died. 

Years ago, I met many of the Negro Leagues players in Secaucus, New Jersey; Leon Day, Ferguson Jenkins, Buck Leonard, Max Manning, Lester Lockett, Lyman Bostock, Sr., Wilmer Fields, Buck O’Neil, Josh Gibson, Jr., Willie Grace, Josh Johnson, etc.  It’s heartbreaking to know that those fabulous Negro Leagues players were not honored during their baseball heyday and very few were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  And, yet, years later; individuals in positions who can make a difference; continue to disregard the Negro Leagues players as honor, worthy.  However, I am grateful to the United Stated Postal Service for the July 15, 2010 issuance of the Negro Leagues Baseball stamp.  Unfortunately, the Postal Service stamp is a posthumous honor for many of the Negro Leagues players.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Visual Poet Concerned About Mississippi River Flooding 2011

Having been born and raised in Natchez, Mississippi; the Mighty Mississippi River has always played an intricate role in my life.  Each time I have returned to Natchez; I immediately visit the Bluff to check on My Mississippi River.  Therefore, today I pause to honor the Mighty Mississippi River with my poem The River, while listening to Mr. Charley Pride’s song Roll on Mississippi. 

As the Mississippi River swells; causing major to record flooding; I am concerned for the welfare of those in Memphis, Tennessee, Helena, Arkansas, Arkansas City, Greenville, Mississippi, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Tunica, Mississippi, Vidalia, Louisiana, Natchez, Mississippi and other areas.  Natchez, Vicksburg, Greenville and Tunica are the only Mississippi cities with bridges over the Mississippi River.

Natchez Mississippi is the City on the Bluff and the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River.  In 1714 the French settled on the high bluffs and surrounding area and two years later a permanent fort was established.  Even though the Mississippi River is rising; there is no chance of Natchez flooding.  Natchez sits on a bluff approximately 150 to 200 feet above the Mississippi River.  But, because the Natchez Under-the-Hill is situated below the main city area; it could experience flooding as the river rises.
Many have traveled your deep, murky, uncertain waters
Bursting with remnants of the past and present
Your banks poised with promises of pleasure and danger
All hail, the alluringly mysterious, Mighty Mississippi
The Nile of the South; worthy of the utmost, respect…

Excerpt from The River
Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

Monday, May 2, 2011

Visual Poet Celebrates Mother’s Day Birthday, May 8, 2011; Kick Start Visual Poetry Tours

Believe it, I was a Mother’s Day baby; born on a spring afternoon in Natchez, Mississippi.  Over the years, my birthday was lost in many a Mother’s Day remembrances and celebrations.  But, this year; I will celebrate my Mother’s Day birthday with elegant fanfare and reflection.  As I approach this momentous Mother’s Day birthday; I am appreciative of individuals who have positively influenced the aspects of my life and visual poetry.

This Mother’s Day birthday signifies the era of the Determined Visual Poet.  For, I believe the time has come to offer Americans an up close and personal view of a Visual Poets’ passionate expression of reality.  Therefore, plans are underway to schedule national tours of Reality, Per Se; An Exhibition of Visual Poetry.  In light of our current economic woes; the Visual Poetry Exhibition tours are intended to uplift and enlighten Americans.