Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Visual Poet Launch 2012 Presidential Campaign

Visual Poet Says; Take time to research, listen attentively and pray earnestly before electing the next President of the United States; be it a Democrat or Republican.

I am launching the 2012 Presidential Campaign to highlight the importance of the most powerful job in the world.  My 2012 Presidential Campaign is not aimed at running for the office of President of the United States.  Nor is my 2012 Presidential Campaign geared to discredit, promote any Democrat or Republican candidate.  Instead, my 2012 Presidential Campaign is designed to encourage Americans to make informed decisions when voting in 2012.  For, the United States requires the Candidate with the Right Stuff to effectively address the issues; economic recovery, the national debt, jobs, Medicare, Social Security, our crumbling infrastructure, etc.   

President Barack Obama Speaks on Investing in Our Infrastructure

Yes, the 2012 presidential candidates are gearing up.  But, Americans, this time, let’s do something different; avoid accepting the promises of candidates and photo opts as the makings of a great leader.  Americans, let us pledge to hold each candidate accountable and do not overlook obvious red flags.