Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2012 Presidential Candidates; Visual Poet Plea for Candidate with the Right Stuff

It appears as though, the current 2012 Presidential candidates do not have the right stuff that America needs.  And, I am concerned about the media frenzy over non essential stories.  Excuse me if I am not interested in Sarah Palin bus tour upstaging Mitt Romney’s announcement speech, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin words of admiration, Anthony Weiner photos, John Edwards campaign funds investigation, Arnold Schwarzenegger love child, nor any other politician’s affairs, sleazy behavior, etc. 

President Obama Presents American Jobs Act

Wouldn’t it be a novel idea for the media to focus on the stories that are truly of interest to Americans; 2012 Presidential candidates proposing strategies to better America, economic recovery, the growing debt, jobs, our crumbling infrastructure, Medicare, Social Security.  I long for the moment when there is adequate coverage of 2012 presidential candidates who are honestly committed to doing what is best for the United States.        

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