Sunday, April 17, 2011

Visual Poet’s Thirty, 30 Days of National Poetry Month 2011; President Obama; Torchbearer of Change Poem

On this day of National Poetry Month 2011; I honor President Barack Obama with my poem and visual poetry The Torchbearer of Change

In this moment; America celebrates President Barack Obama
President Obama; the torchbearer, innovator
The torchbearer ready to transform and restore
The torchbearer who is not afraid to have his say
The torchbearer who promises a much better way
The torchbearer who firmly maintains a stand
The torchbearer of, I Can
The torchbearer of, On Principles I Stand
The torchbearer of integrity
The torchbearer of liberty
The torchbearer of equality
The torchbearer in possession of the harmony key
The torchbearer with the bipartisanship and unity recipe
And, the torchbearer; keeper of America’s inferno, energy…

Excerpt from The Torchbearer of Change
Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

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