Friday, April 29, 2011

Visual Poet’s Thirty, 30 Days of National Poetry Month 2011; The Daddy, Father’s Day Tribute Poem

On this day of National Poetry Month 2011; I honor my father with my Father’s Day Tribute poem, visual poetry The Daddy

Daddy, your lessons were heartfelt
Meaningful and matter-of-fact
On each of our lives; you definitely, made, an impact
A strong belief in God; you often, did display
You constantly, encouraged us, all
To do, as the Bible, say
You said, abiding the law was the cornerstone
For a successful life, the best, way
The boys, you taught and groomed, to be real men
The girls, you instructed; “Develop a career; a trade, to tend”
You said; “For, yourselves; you must always, fend”
You said; “Upon a man; never, ever, solely, depend”
And, you said; “If abuse occurs; freedom is yours”
“And, your heart; you can mend”

Daddy, you set the tone
You were, the daddy and momma to the eight of us
Completely, on your own
Your cold remedies were strong, bitter
And, many groans, were sown
But, just the same
Your parental concern, was actually, shown
Daddy, you were the captain
And, the anchor, of our crew 
You may not have been the daddy
Who didn’t blunder, a time or two
But, you were the daddy, subject to error
An imperfect being; as we all, adhere to
You were simply, the daddy
Who did the best, you knew, to do

Daddy, we appreciate your efforts
And the difficulties
You, went through
For that, daddy,
We will always, we grateful to you
And, a vase of blue iris
Will eternally pay tribute 
To your faith, wisdom and valor
All, knew as true
Daddy, you will forever be
The daddy, none
Can ever, compare
Daddy, you were certainly
The daddy, who genuinely did, care...

Excerpt from The Daddy
Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

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