Friday, April 8, 2011

Visual Poet’s Thirty Days of National Poetry Month 2011; Social Workers Poem

On this day of National Poetry Month 2011; I honor Social Workers with my poem and visual poetry the Social Workers Creed.

We are Social Workers, all with an eclectic dossier
We are educated from many an accredited CSWE academy
We hail with the BSW, MSW or DSW degrees
And, stints of unique supervised fieldwork, has enhanced our abilities
We are licensed, certified or even registered; valid, prudent uniformity
Be it LCSW, LMSW or LBSW; the titles, we display, respectfully
We empower, helping people help themselves; we’ve got the right stuff
We possess dedication, determination and competency; minus the fluff
Sho’ ‘nuf, we are America’s empathetic angels; tuff enough
The NASW Code of Ethics, we staunchly adhere to and abide
Cause it encompasses values, principles and standards to guide
We celebrate March as National Professional Social Work Month, for sure
Yet, throughout the year, we practice what we preach, without forfeiture
We definitely make a difference, free of an air of flare
We are authentic and resolute, with lots of care
We claim it; we are judicious Social Workers, extraordinaire
Social Work heroes; worthy of a Bust on a Stand; forever, there...

An excerpt from Social Workers Creed
Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

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