Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visual Poet’s Thirty, 30 Days of National Poetry Month 2011; Momma, Mother’s Day Tribute Poem

President Obama & Poets at the White House

On this day of National Poetry Month 2011; I honor my mother with my Mother’s Day Tribute poem, visual poetry Momma

Momma, I remember, you
Not one of us; your love, did we ever, doubt
You, most definitely set a sterling example
Of a mother, considerate and devout
Nobody, nobody was ever overlooked or went without
Not us kids, not daddy
No matter how much we would yell or pout

Not the woman who needed a coat
As she fled a husband's vicious shout
Not the homeless woman, looking for handouts
As she aimlessly wandered about
Not even, the man who escaped from a chain gang
Looking for food and a waterspout
Not one person in need
Did you ever, refuse to help out
With a personality such as yours
Disclosed in any given dossier

Momma, for you
There will be an eternal tribute on display
A tall, elegant, crystal vase
Filled with a gigantic, colorful, fragrant
Tea rose bouquet
For, you will always be a beautiful
Chic, classy, compassionate mother, I say
Momma, I remember you clearly
As if, it was yesterday...

Excerpt from Momma
Copyright by Deborah Young, Visual Poet

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